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Sharukh khan is a hero of Bollywood he has been in the film industry in the past few decades. He is one of the most handsome actors in Bollywood cinema. Still, he gives many hit movies and blockbuster movies to their fans. He has many skills in this film industry. He plays an important role in actor, producer, and entrepreneur. He gave an award from their debuted movies to the latest released movies. And he still gives many movies that help to prove he will be the best actor.


These arethe best debut hit movies of Shahrukh. Cassettes of the movie are shah rukh and Divya Bharti. They are becomingthe best on-screen pair. This hit movie won award and gives more credits to shah rukh. This movie getting top-rated and after the film shah, rukh becomes most popular. These are all-time favorite hit movies over others. These stories of the film are liked by people ever. Consider all this reason this is best-hit movies today.


In this movie, he was acted in the best role. These arethe best musical film and Shahrukh plays a leading role. This movie gains the most positive reviews. From all the genres this is consideredthe best movie. And all are like to watch them again and again. The scenes in the movies are really amazing. This is always loved by people, it is because of the music, screenplay everything is best in this film. There are many mind-blowing scenes you can enjoy in this film.

Salman khan:

Salman Khan isthe best actor that appears in the Bollywood film industry. He is starting their carrier in a supporting role. Then he started a carrier with best hit debut movies. Hereafter he will become more popular. He starred multiple records in the Bollywood film industry. He will become an all-time favorite actor for all ever. He gains good names by their hit and blockbuster movies. He is one and the only actor gives numerous blockbuster movies.


These are one of the best movies from the list of Salman khan hit movies. This is released in 2003 and gets a huge response from people. The stories of the film are attracted one and the screenplay of the movie best. This film got the best film award and gives even more credits for Salman khan.


These are one of the best movies, after the movie release Salman khan getting more positive feedback from people. The roles of the Salman khan are surely engaged the people to watch them again and again. This movie is popular for Salmanacting and he was most handsome in this film particularly. The roles of Salman are really amazing in this movie.

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