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Everyone likes to watch movies in their free time and it will be more helpful for relaxing your mindset. Shahrukh Khan is one of the leading cine artists in Bollywood and his movies are getting blockbuster at every time. Surely his film will be the family entertains one. That is the main reason for everyone like to watch his films. He is the first person to get a high salary worldwide.

Sharukh khan movies

He has acted more than eighty movies and has won the number of the film fare awards. He first started his career as the anchor in the televisions. Because of his talent and the skills he got chance in Bollywood movies. He has got many nicknames because of the excellent acting skills. The nicknames are the king khan and the Badshah of Bollywood. Some of the blockbuster movies of the Sharukh khan are


In this movie, Sharukh khan acted as Bauuaa Singh, the short man. He has faced a lot of difficulties in finding the perfect partner. He fell in love with the Aafia who have to struggle from cerebral palsy. Superstar Babita is the heroine who also falls in love with him. Thus finally whom he is going to get married is the story of the movie. This movie becomes the biggest blockbuster in recent times and has crossed the one eighty crores in the box office.


This is comedy romantic movies. Here he acted in the Ravi character. He is basically a popular pop singer and one of his fans named kajal fell in love with her. But her dad is not interested in this marriage. So he killed Ravi with his gangsters. By hearing this news the lady was shocked and become the widow. Then one wealthy man raj proposes her. Even though she did not accept initially he made her accept later. They got married but unfortunately, the Ravi returns from the dead. Thus Ravi got shocked to see her again.

Salman Khan movies

He is also another star in Bollywood. He acted in a lot of the Bollywood movies and has given five consecutive hit movies. All these movies have reached the big blockbuster, even though in the middle of his career his movies did not get that much of the response he recently acted in the movies which have reached the many blockbusters.


This movie was based on the India Pakistan partition. His family got torn and so he was separated from her parents. But he never forgets his promise made with his father and succeeds in life. This movie has crossed three hundred crores worldwide.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan

The girls from Pakistan have been lost in the Haryana. The Salman khan who acted in the Pawan character is a big hanuman devotee. So he finds her from which country and tries to reunite her with her family at his own expense. This move has gained the total gross of four hundred crores.

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