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It’s a difficult chance that you download videos regularly and you haven’t yet heard of Vidmate. If you have been thinking about trying it out but due to one reason or another, you haven’t yet downloaded and installed it, we are going to explain to you what all you are missing if you’re not using Vidmate for Android.

Vidmate is a feature-packed video downloading mobile app that allows you to watch movies, music videos and TV programs without an Internet connection. How is it possible? How can you watch videos posted on a website, without an Internet connection?

By downloading them in advance and storing them on your mobile device.

Vidmate is the most versatile video downloading mobile app. It allows you to download your videos when you have a good Internet connection and later on, when you want to watch those videos, you don’t need an Internet connection because the videos are already downloaded. This also saves you money because you don’t accidentally use your mobile data. You download your videos when there is a good and unlimited Wi-Fi connection available.

Why is Vidmate the perfect video downloading mobile app on Android?

Vidmate has many features that make it an irresistible mobile app if you regularly download videos from various video hosting and video streaming websites and social media platforms.

You can easily install Vidmate as an independent Android installation file. You can download and install Vidmate right now.

As you can see on the link, it is an APK file, the standard Android installation file. When you download it, most probably it is going to be saved in your Downloads folder.

You will need to change settings on your mobile phone such that you are allowed to install Android apps from unknown sources. Different mobile phones have different Android versions and hence, there might be different ways of activating this feature, but most probably, it is in your Settings and Security section.

Once this is activated, you can simply tap on the downloaded file and it is installed.

When you launch the app, you get the home screen. All the functions that you need are present on the screen.

Unlike other mobile apps, you don’t need to enter the link to your video in Vidmate. Simply use the inbuilt search function to search for the video you’re looking for.

For example, if you want to download the movie “Badri Ki Dulhaniya” simply enter the name of the movie and search for it. Vidmate searches through all the video hosting websites and gives you different options and you can download according to your preference.

You can download your video as an independent file in the format of your choice. Vidmate supports all contemporary formats such as FLV, MPEG, MP4, MOV, WMP and many more. This means, you can use the downloaded file in practically any video player on your mobile device.

In case they are available, you can also download HD videos. You can also control the quality of the video between 380p to 1080p.

There is an inbuilt video player if you don’t want to use any other video player. You can simply watch the videos within the Vidmate video downloading mobile app.

Is Vidmate the only Android video downloading mobile app available?

Not necessarily. There are multiple Android video downloading mobile apps but then they all come with their own restrictions.

Why you may prefer Vidmate over other Android video downloading mobile apps is that it is an independent file. It is not dependent upon Google Play and hence, it is not bound by the restrictions imposed by Google or any other video hosting company. It does not need clearance from Google or any other company. You don’t even need to have a Google account to be able to download and use Vidmate.

So, don’t delay, download Vidmate for Android right now and start enjoying your favourite videos even when there is no Internet connection.

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Updated: February 24, 2020 — 4:21 am

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