Vidmate Old version 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 Free download

Vidmate is a very popular video downloading software which is used by millions of people all around the world and the best part of this app is that by switching to it, any smartphone user can download their favourite content as per their choice and preference in their preferred category and enjoy the content they like the most without any hassle. The software also gets updated after regular intervals of time so as to add the new features in it and ameliorate or improve the existing ones for the betterment of the app in different span of X in the year 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. Vidmate app is also used for several other purposes by its registered users because it is completely reliable, trustworthy and never leaks any private or confidential data of its users to any third party. Apart from this, there are many other interesting and useful features of this app which you will be able to understand only after getting this app installed in your device.

Now, just have a look on the description vidmate old version year wise to get a better understanding of the same and get to know more about it completely-

● Vidmate in 2014-

In the year 2014, vidmate has its original or the basic version that offers a variety of interesting features to its users and even enable the users to download their favourite videos from the most reliable sources of internet absolutely free of cost. By switching to this app, the users are not required to wait for long hours to download a particular track or any other file from the internet and now, all these tasks can be done even in just a blink of an eye and this is a major reason why so many people are relying on this software despite of having a variety of similar video downloader available in the market. By downloading vidmate older version, the users can also make their web browsing and content downloading experience very rich and exciting it is one of the most popular video downloading platform which tends to perform a great number of features which is very unlike to other downloading softwares and even allow the user to download media from video hosting website including daily motion, Facebook and more. Apart from this, from starting this app is equipped with the amazing option in which it is compatible with almost all the major operating systems and never have any issue in downloading the file in any format including HD, if it is compatible with your concerned device.

● Vidmate in 2015-

This amazing video downloading software of vidmate gets updated in the year 2015 and there are many ameliorations and improvements made by the developers in order to improve its functionality which they have never done in the year 2014 and these ameliorations have been designed and developed by the team of experts so the registered users can choose from various media platforms and enjoy downloading a file in their preferred format and resolutions of the content they are downloading, from Low Qualities to HD, from 360p to 1080p. With fastest downloading it promises to provide best of it can. The application itself is in apk format, which tends to provide much more space in your devices which can make a surplus space for unlimited amount media in your storage and enables you to download other files and save your space accordingly.
In the vidmate app, the registered users can download unlimited amount of content in just a blink of an eye without any problem or facing any hurdle in between as there is no restriction on limit defined regarding the size of a particular file or the numbers of content to download the content from users end.

● Vidmate in 2016-

In the year 2016, vidmate app gets ameliorated again with the updated version so as to fix the several bugs which the users were facing in the year 2014 and 2015. With this vidmate app, the users are provided with many options and even given a facility to stream live TV with the help of which, the users can watch their favourite TV shows anytime and anywhere on the go. This app is basically, comes with the well categorised user interface that actually acts like true video mate when it comes to provide unlimited amount of content. In this updated version of vidmate 2016, the users are getting the free facility to listen latest online movies, songs, short videos, and other different types of multimedia content which they like the most and in which they have the most interest from different reliable live streaming websites and trustworthy sources of internet such as YouTube. So, it can be said that vidmate 2016 is not just only a media downloader but it allows its users to play media in the application itself. With watch later feature and securing your personal media with pass codes and is everything you can ask for even a little more.

● Vidmate in 2017-

Vidmate 2017 is the most recent and the updated version of this video downloading software which is used by millions of people and considered as one of the full fledged video downloading software because there are many new features added in this updated version along with the improvement or amelioration in the existing features that are not so effective and trustworthy. In this amazing app, the users can download the content they like it is a free and very mini sized application and let you do no efforts to download any stuff online instead it will guide you all on its own and will provide you the best outcome. Not only this, you can also get the hassle free experience of downloading videos to your device storage and also change the location as per your preference because this option is also provided in the latest update of vidmate. It basically comes with simplest and smartest interface which allows you to get search result mostly accurate. Unlike other application on the list, it is an only application which allows its user to get access to lyrics support.

So, these are the old versions of vidmate 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, the description of which are given above and if you find it apt then you should install this most diverse app of downloading the content in your concerned device now for free..

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