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Download unlimited online movies and videos with Vidmate

With the Vidmate video downloading mobile app you can download unlimited online movies and videos.

Why would you download movies and videos if you can easily stream them these days, for example from YouTube and Netflix?

Streaming is a great way to watch online movies and videos, but there is a big catch: the Internet connection isn’t as good as it should always be, especially when you want to stream HD videos and movies online.

You must have suffered incessant buffering while trying to watch your favourite movies and videos. After a while, you simply lose track of what you are watching because you are constantly waiting for the buffering to get over.

Another reason why you would like to use Vidmate to watch online videos and movies is that Internet connection isn’t available everywhere. Maybe you are planning to visit an area where there will be no Internet connection. No Internet connection doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to watch your movies and videos online.

Bid goodbye to buffering forever with Vidmate when watching online movies and videos

Buffering happens when you’re watching online movies and videos. A portion of the video data is stored in the cache a of your mobile phone and then this portion is played while the other portion is being stored in the background. This is how you watch online videos. But sometimes, due to a slow Internet connection, the data doesn’t download to the cache as fast as it should, and this causes buffering. What’s the solution?

The solution is to download the entire video using a video downloading mobile app like Vidmate and then play the video off-line. The entire video is played locally and so, there is no buffering. Your mobile phone doesn’t have to download the video from anywhere. Even if there is no Internet connection you can easily watch the downloaded videos and movies.

Download and install Vidmate right now to watch online movies and videos

It doesn’t make any sense to watch online movies and videos in real-time. If you have an SD card and if there is lots of space on it, you can easily download and save your online movies and videos and then you can watch them leisurely without worrying about the Internet connection.

Vidmate takes care of three problems immediately:

  1. No buffering: you don’t have to worry about a slower Internet connection because the video or the movie isn’t being downloaded as you watch it. It is already stored on your mobile phone or tablet.
  2. No Internet connection needed: Since the movie or the video is already downloaded and saved onto your mobile device, you don’t have to worry about a good Internet connection. Whether you are in a village, trekking in the mountains or somewhere on a ship or a boat. As long as your phone is charged, you can watch movies and videos seamlessly.
  3. No inflated mobile data charges: Streaming movies using your mobile data can be pretty expensive. You can solve this problem by first downloading your movies and videos using an available Wi-Fi service (Wi-Fi service is freely available at many spots these days including railway stations and airports). These days even at homes unlimited Wi-Fi is easily available these days. Download your movies and videos using a Wi-Fi connection and then watch them later.

How to get Vidmate and then install it

You can download and install Vidmate right away.

There is a little change that you will need to make on your mobile phone before you can install Vidmate. This video downloading mobile app, since it allows you to download videos free of cost from various sources, isn’t available on the Google Play Store. You have to independently download the file and for this, you need to turn on the feature that allows you to install Android apps from “Unknown sources”. By default, this capability is switched off. You can go to Settings and then Security to turn this on.

Once you have turned this feature on you can tap on the Vidmate installation file that you have just downloaded and once it is installed, you can immediately start downloading your favourite videos and movies.

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