Vidmate 2017 Download And Install Apk for Android

Vidmate is an android app. You can use this Vidmate 2017 app to download videos from YouTube and Facebook.

Vidmate is a video downloading app. This app helps you download HD quality videos on your mobile phone and also on your laptop. When you need to download these videos, you have to download the APK files for the installation.

The APK file of Vidmate 2017 is a small file even lesser than 2 MB. It is a free app. Therefore, not just that, you can also watch free movies when you download this app.

This app makes you download unlimited free videos. If there is a link to download the video, the app will find it for you with its inbuilt search engine, and it would look up different movie hosting websites and list all options, and you can choose which link you need to download.

How this Vidmate 2017 works is –

You go to a video hosting website, search for the video, go to the link of the video, copy paste the link, and then paste that link in the website that website which allows downloading videos, and then hit download. Then you need the time to lapse before the whole video gets downloaded, If you wish to know the approximate time that it takes for the entire video to get downloaded, then you need to know that if you start downloading, you will take only a few videos to get downloaded in one whole day. This we are talking about HD videos. But, if you have Vidmate downloaded on your system, then it would unbelievably take only a few minutes to download one video. Now, you do not need to go to the video hosting website because Vidmate has an inbuilt search bar.

On Vidmate 2017 , there is only a search bar where you need to name the video and search and download. No longer do you need to search for individual websites.

Further, if you wish to know how to run this app then you should know that the app would show you which videos are trending, you would be able to choose if you want movies or just stuff from YouTube.

Once you find the videos in the given format because there are many formats, and you can choose the version. Along with HD, you can also find lower resolutions videos, and that is because you don’t always want more excellent quality videos, and sometimes you are okay with smaller quality versions of a particular video.

You are also allowed to search audio which is MP3. If you wish to convert video files into sound, then it is possible to do that as well. This comes to the front because sometimes you want to listen to audio, and not watch the video which is a fabulous component of the vidmate 2017 app.

The other component of Vidmate is that when you have downloaded the file, and you have gone offline so what you can do is watch the video offline. But, when you are in the downloading process, you need a faster internet connection. So, you can make use of all those connections which have unlimited connectivity.

There is another hang up which might take place. This is when the app is being downloaded from somewhere outside the Play Store. The message that would show up on your phone or laptop, in that case, is, ‘your phone is not allowed to install unknown apps from this source for security reasons.’ If this is the hangup, then go to settings, and allow installation of apps from sources other than play store and then press okay. This works on the older version of Android. If you have a newer version of Android, then tap on settings, and allow installations from Chrome.

The screen would take you back to the installation screen, and you would be asked to give individual permissions. These permissions are as follows.

For instance,

  1. This app would show up on top of other apps
  2. This app can find accounts on your device
  3. The app would find your approximate or precise location
  4. It would occupy space on your SD card, and the app would see your identity.

Finally, if you are okay with the given permissions, you need to click ‘ Install.

The next tip is you should download this app on your laptop and not on your phone because you need a lot of storage capacity for this app to work. Plus, it is more fun to watch movies on a larger screen, so opt for a laptop instead of a phone. If you watch something on your phone up to 720 resolutions, you can get even higher resolution on a laptop

If you want better performance for your videos,

  1. Download Bluestacks and install it.
  2. Then start downloading the APK files,
  3. Then open bluestacks on your PC,
  4. You would see options such as my apps, app center, and support tabs,
  5. You have to click on my apps, there you would see a + symbol, then you will see a window which is download vidmate. apk and wait till you have finished downloading.
  6. Now, it is bluestacks where the app Vidmate would be installed.

You should enjoy the download, the videos, and the movies.

Off late, this app has become very popular in India. But, if you were to ask, you’d find all kind of movies such as Hollywood and Bollywood. If you wish to download music, you would see lakhs of songs to choose between; You get 100 of websites to choose from where you can download from, you also get to view TV channels such as high-quality TV and Vidmate is the most popular app for watching online TV now. The app is user-friendly. It is also the safest app for downloading videos, music, and movies without any interruption. You get to fix bugs which rarely occur now. Your data cost remains zero. Vidmate is available for all devices, Apple, Windows, Android, and PC. That is Vidmate for you.

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