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Video downloader apps are one of the most popular apps used by most mobile phone users. These apps allow users to download videos from various websites. The popular video sites like YouTube have restrictions that prevent people from downloading videos. You can watch videos on sites like Vimeo, Dailymotion, and even on social media platforms like Facebook but you cannot download the videos because the site blocks the same. While browsing these websites, you would have come across many interesting videos and would have wished that you could download the same.

If you want to download videos of your choice, then you need a video downloader app. There are many video downloader websites and apps in the market that you can use. But one of the best is Vidmate. This is not only the best app, but is most popular. Millions of mobile phone users across the world have downloaded Vidmate’s video downloader app on their mobile phones and are using it to download videos of their choice.

The Vidmate app comes from the same company that has developed the UC Web browser. This is a very popular app and a large majority of mobile phone users have installed this app on their phones. While this app developed by a Chinese company is used worldwide, it has become extremely popular in India. In fact, 35% of those using the app are from India. This shows how popular it is in India.

Why should you use Vidmate?

Most people like watching videos. Whether it is on social networking sites or other sites, videos provide entertainment and also information. It is a good way to spend time, especially while travelling or during free time. There are many videos that you have would have enjoyed watching and wanted to download it to see again later. Thanks to Vidmate, you can do this very easily. You can download videos and watch them anytime. Once it is on your mobile phone, you can watch it any number of times without having to use internet data. You can even share them with others.

The reasons why Vidmate is popular is because of the excellent features that it offers. Some of the reasons for the popularity of the Vidmate video downloader app include:

  • You can download videos from any of the top video sites in the world. Whether it is YouTube, Vimeo, Tik Tok, Instagram or DailyMotion, downloading videos is now easy thanks to this app.
  • It is a simple and easy to use app. Even those not experts in using mobile phones can use this app to download videos. It is popular among everyone, from school children to teenagers and working people to senior citizens, everyone loves downloading videos through this app.
  • Indians can use this app to download Hindi and other language movies of their choice. They can download the entire movie easily, without any problems. They can also download songs of their choice and even convert it to mp3 format and add it to the playlist in the mobile and listen to it whenever they want.
  • The website site supports all types of videos. You can easily download videos from any site. And the video can be downloaded in different file formats also.
  • Vidmate video downloader is completely free for use. There are no restrictions on its use and there is no need for any subscription. You can use it for how many ever times you want. You can download any number of videos or any type and any file size. This is what makes it so popular.

Vidmate Downloader 2014

Vidmate video downloader has many versions. There are even old versions of the downloader that are available. You can download older versions also if you want. New versions will have only some additional features. But the basic features of downloading is available in all versions of Vidmate. If you have an older mobile and want the old version, then you can easily download Vidmate 2014.

Features of Vidmate 2014

When you download Vidmate 2014 app on your mobile, you can use it to download videos. The features that this app offers would make you enjoy its usage. Some of the features of this app are:

  • The main feature is the ability to download videos. You can download videos from any of the top video websites in the world. The downloading process is easy and fast. All video formats are supported for download.
  • You can watch videos using the app. After you finish watching a video, if you like it, downloading it is very simple.
  • Apart from entertainment videos, there are a large number of category of videos available. Popular videos are available through the app and you can use it to see top videos to enjoy. Movies, music, productivity tools, TV shows are some of the top categories that people browse through.
  • You can easily search for videos using the app. Once you find the video of your choice, you can download it on to your mobile phone.
  • Whether it is Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies or Tollywood movies; you can watch and download the best movies using this site. Downloading is safe and secure, so you need not worry about viruses and malware.
  • There is no problem in downloading these videos and watching it for your personal use. It is being done by millions across the world.
  • There are also latest videos and trending videos that are shown in the app. That will help you to find out popular videos, so that you can watch these videos and download them if you are interested.
  • Downloading happens at high speed. There are no problems while downloading. Slowing down or corrupted file problems will not be faced by you when you use the Vidmate app to download videos.

Vidmate 2014 can be installed on your mobile phone, by downloading the apk file from the website and installing on your mobile. You can use it to enjoy watching videos of your choice.

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