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Vidmate is a video downloader. A video downloader is a software that allows you to easily download videos of your choice from wherever you want. There are many video websites that host interesting, informative and entertaining videos. Websites like YouTube, Vimeo are popular video sites. You can watch a wide variety of videos on these sites on different topics and categories. Once you watch a video on this website, if you want to see it again you have to go back and watch it. You cannot download to your mobile or computer as downloading would be blocked.

This is the reason why video downloaders are very useful. Video downloaders are available on the website and also as apps for the mobile phone. When you download these apps on to your mobile phone, you can download any video of your choice. Even if the website that hosts the video has blocked downloading, you can still download using the video downloader.

Of all the video downloader apps available in the market, there is no doubt that Vidmate is the most popular. It is highly popular across the world and especially in India. Downloading videos through this app is easy and fast. The app is free for use and there are no restrictions on its use. Because of the wide variety of features that this app is, it has become highly popular. You can also use this app to download videos of your choice.

Once you watch a video you like you can download it quickly using the app. The video would be saved on to your mobile phone. You can then watch it leisurely whenever you want. You can download it on your PC and watch. You can share it with friends so that they can also enjoy the video. Whatever may be the video, you can download it easily using the Vidmate video downloader.

Reasons for the popularity of Vidmate

There are many apps that allow you to watch and download videos. The problem with most of these apps is that you don’t know if it is safe to download the file. When you download a file, if there is a virus or malware in it, it can affect your mobile phone and the phone can even crash and become unusable. This is one reason why many people don’t use such apps. But when it comes to Vidmate, this problem is not there. Vidmate hosts only videos from trusted sources and you can safely download files from Vidmate without having to worry about viruses.

Vidmate is popular all over the world, thanks to the ability to quickly download videos. It is though highly popular in India. Majority of Vidmate users are from India. This is because Indians love watching videos, including movies, TV shows, and other short videos. Also, use of mobile internet is growing very fast in India and even in villages people use smartphones.

Vidmate has many attractive features that allow you to download any video you want in a very easy way. The app is also free to use. You can download the app and use it how many ever times you want. You will not be asked to subscribe to the app or pay any fee for its use. You can download unlimited files and there are no fees you need to pay Vidmate for it.

These are the reasons why Vidmate is the most popular video downloader app in the market.

Vidmate Downloader 2011

Vidmate video downloader is being used by mobile users from many years. Almost every year, they come out with a new version with new enhancements. The core feature of being able to download videos is common in all the versions. You can also download old versions if you have an old version of Android on your mobile. You can use Vidmate Download 2011 if you have an older phone which does not support the latest version. Even older versions of the software have most of the features that allow you to download videos.

What are the features Vidmate 2011 has?

Vidmate Video Downloader 2011 has most of the features that other versions have. So, even if you are using this older version, you can still download videos of your choice without any problems. Here are some of the features that Vidmate Download 2011 offers its users:

  • Using this app you can watch videos for free without paying any money. You can even download videos for free. There are no charges to be paid to Vidmate for this. This is a totally free app that is highly useful to download videos of any type.
  • The app supports all types of file formats. You can even download the video in mp3 format as an audio. This will be useful in the case of songs. You may want only the audio and not video, you can then use this feature.
  • The app has a search engine that is one of the reasons why it is so popular. You can use this search engine to search for any video of your choice. It is easy to use the search facility on this app.
  • Once you see a video, you can download it easily. Even if you are offline, you can mark the video for download. Whenever you have internet connectivity, the video will get downloaded for you to watch later.
  • Those who love watching TV shows and don’t want to miss any episode will find this app useful. It is not just movies, you can also download videos of TV programs and watch them whenever you want.
  • Downloading is fast and you can even download multiple videos without any problem.

Vidmate is a third party app. This means you need to download it from the Vidmate site. If you are interested in downloading Vidmate 2011 old version, then all you need to do is to download the apk file on to your mobile. Installation is fast and simple. You can use the app to have a great time watching your favorite videos after downloading them.

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