Top Classic Bollywood Movies Based on Dance Theme

Do you love to Dance? Then you might have watched many dance oriented movies right? Have you ever watched dance oriented movies of Bollywood? Well, this post is going to acquaint you with the most exciting and uplifting dance movies that would make your day.

Of course, songs have always been the main point of movies but then dance does not get recognized always. But some talented directors have brought dance forward and made movies that circle around the theme of dance. In this post have a look at some of the Bollywood movies that are based on the theme of dance.

Jhanak-JhanakPayalBaaje (1955)

There is every chance that you might not even hear about this movie but it is amazing for dance lovers.  Actually you know this movie is one of the initial Technicolor movies that have been released in 1955. Directed by V. Shantaram, this amazing movie is a sophisticated tribute to classic dance and speaks about a story of love transpired between two passionate and wonderful dancers, who get unfocused from the art for a while ending up in their separation. However, you should not lose heart because by the end of this movie, the dancer couple gets reunited and they partner with each other to clench the prestigious Bharat Natarajan. The movie features Gopi Krishna and Sandhya as the lead couple in the movie.


This is another classical dance movie that features Sandhya as Jamuna/Mohini. Yet again, V. Shantaram has been successful in forming the magic on silver screen with dance as the chief element of the movie. After the triumph of Jhanak-JhanakPayalBaje, Shantaram has come up with another tale about a poet, who forms a fantasy woman in the wife’s body out of imagination and calls her Mohini.  The movie definitely sails you through some dance elements and you get the dance sensation in throughout the movie.

Sargam (1979)

This movie is K.Vishwanath’s Hindi remake of his Telugu film released in 1976. Jaya Prada reprises the role from Telugu film in this Hindi version. At the same time Rishi Kapoor plays the male lead in this movie. The movie is about two individuals, a mute girl and that of an orphan boy, who actually get love and companionship with each other after getting ill-treated by others.  The movie is also known and cherished for its amazing music and the dance performances by Jaya. You can find a great pinch of dance in this movie and feel absolutely rhythmic.

Disco Dancer (1982)

Ah, when you talk about dancing in Bollywood, the foremost male actor that comes to mind is MithunChakraborty. The foremost master class performance of this dancing star was witnessed in the 1982 Hindi film Disco Dancer. The movie conveys the rags-to-riches tale of a young street performer. This dancer turns out to be a dancing sensation in the country once he gets noticed by Om Puri.  The movie has some amazingly cool dance songs and performance.


Thus, get the tang of dance performances and aliments from these movies. You can get these movies free of cost and in the format of your choice from Vidmate. After all, there should be freedom of watching endlessly and enjoyably.

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