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India is known for its deep cultural heritage and historic richness. This is best evident through its many holy and religious places. They play a very important part in the daily lives of the people and many of them plan to visit these at one point or another. They go for different reasons like family value and traditions, fulfil their wishes and aspirations of life, to pray for peace and calmness of mind etc. The thing is that for people of all walks of life, in one or the other, they are deeply attached to these places.

Let us have a look at some of the most known religious’ spots in Indian and these are the ones that are regularly visited. Catch the beauty and serenity of the same through the Vidmate app downloader and its ability to get the best from the various internet video sites.

Viasho Devi Temple in Jammu – This temple is located on the top of a hill and devotees from all over India brave the steep climb of almost 12 kilometres to pray to goddess Adi Shakti which is another form of goddess Durga. The temple is on the Katra hills of Jammu. The main temple is at an altitude of 5300 feet. For the aged and those with physical restrictions there are Doli’s and chariots.  Recently helicopter services have also been started.

Tirupati Balaji temple – Also known as Venkateshwara temple, it is situated in the Tirumala Hill district of Andhra Pradesh.  The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu as Venkatshwara is considered as a reincarnation of Vishnu himself. Lakhs of devotes throng this temple from all over India to pray and fulfil their desires. The Balaji temple itself is one of the marvels of Dravidian architecture. It is also one of the richest temples in India in terms of donations from its devotees.

Shabarimala Aiyappa temple in Kerala –  This very famous pilgrimage site is located within the Sahyadari mountain range in the Pathananthitta district of state of Kerala. The Pamba river bank adorns the site of the temple. The lord Aiyappa is the son of Shiva and the feminine reincarnation of Vishnu known as Mohini. This temple has devotees from all over south India and even other states coming for the annual pilgrimage visit. The shrine opens from October and culminates in the Makara Jyoti lighting in January second week.

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Siddhivinayak Temple Mumbai – The biggest metropolis and the commercial centre of India is Mumbai. The city is also famous for this temple of Lord Ganesha, the son of Shiva and Parvathy. It is situated in the heart of the city, Daddar and every Tuesday the main Ganesh Pooja is held. The queue of devotees is the longest on this day. The temple is visited by people from all walks of life including famous celebrities.

Moinuddin Chsiti Shrine in Ajmer – The shrine also known as the Darga is a place of worship and tribute to the 13th century revered saint and musician Moinudin Chisti.  The Ajmer city in itself is in the state of Rajasthan. There are several lakhs of devotees who come to the shrine and pay their respects to their saint. The famous custom is that of draping the Chaadar or the shawl and requesting for granting of the wish. People from every nook and corner of the country come to Ajmer Dargha.

Golden Temple, Amritsar – This is also referred to as the Harmindar Sahib or the Darbar Sahib. It is the largest and the most revered of the Gurudwaras in the country. The holy city of Amritsar in in the Indian state of Punjab. The sanctum sanctorum is surrounded by the Sarovar or the pool. From here the Shabad Kirtan or the hymns from the Granth Sahib are relayed across the temple.  The Darbar sahib has four different entries. People from all caste and religion come here to bow before the supreme.

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Ranakpur Jain Temple, Rajashthan – This very beautiful temple is located in Pali district of Rajsthan and this is between two most famous spots in India namely Udipur and Jaipur. It is famous for its architecture made up of light marbles and this is the most revered centre of Jainism.

Shridi Sai Baba, Nasik – This temple is dedicated to the famous saint and social reformer of the 19th century.  Sai Baba. It is in Maharashtra.   It is about 100 kilometres from the town of Nasik and about 250 kilometres from Mumbai. The blessing of Sai Baba is known to heal many a problems and bring many miracles. This brings people from each and every part of the country. The weekend queues to take the “Darshan of Sai Baba is very long and this specifies its holy importance

Basilica of bom Jesus Goa – This famous church and place of worship is located in India’s most popular tourist state Goa. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site. The exact location is old Goa. It is one of the oldest churches in India as well. It is a very popular church and people from Goa and even outsiders come to pray. It is minor Basilica as well.

Jaganatha Puri Temple – This temple in the coastal town of Orrisa in the eastern part of India is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The temple is a very important pilgrimage centre of devotees in many parts of the country. It was built in the 10th century AD. The most important event of the temple is the annual chariot or Rath Yatra. Here, all the three main deities of the temple are placed and taken in specially created and decorated temple chariots.

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