Step by step guide to install Vidmate on android!

Okay so you have decided that you would download Vidmate application on your android device, right? Well, it is a great decision taken by you. Now, if you are perplexed about how to download it and then install it then you are at the right place. This post would acquaint you with the downloading and installing procedure of Vidmate. And believe it or not the procedure is a cake walk.

Before you jump on the procedure of downloading and installing of this app, quickly have a peep into its introduction: Vidmate app is a free third party application and it gives you an access to all the videos that are there on manifold platforms. No matter you want to get the videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr, Facebook, Dailymotion, Instagram or any other popular platform; you have the access. You can easily watch your favourite videos and download the ones you desire for.

How to download the app?

Since Vidmate is a third party application, it would not be available on your default play store named Google Play store. You would have to download the APK file of Vidmate from the official website of Vidmate. You can find the links for downloading on the site and you just have to click on it. Once you have clicked on the downloading link, the application file would begin to download. It would take a few seconds or a minute if your net is slow.  Once you have downloaded the file then you have to install it.

Installation procedure

As the Vidmate app is a third party application, you have to make a change in your phone setting. You have to go to your settings, therein you have to change the option related to third party applications. You have to enable the option to install applications from third party sources. In this way you would get the permission to download the app. actually you know your android device shows you this message because it is by default synced with Google play store. Since the source of Vidmate app is third party; you need to enable the settings.

Then once you have modified the changes in the settings, you just have to click on the install application. It would begin to install in a second and within a few seconds would be ready for you to use. Again, if you have any doubts that by changing the settings of your mobile might leave you vulnerable then you are wrong. This third party app is absolutely safe and Vidmate would not give you any threat at all.


Thus, it was not a big deal to download and install Vidmate application. Since you know it now, make sure that you get the app right away. After all, the endless options in videos and the ease of downloading the videos that too in the formats of your choice and the resolution you like is like a dream come true.  And not to forget, everything comes to you without any expenditure!

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