Some Worthy Features Of Vidmate

Some Worthy Features Of Vidmate, Making All Apps Useless!

You know every video application has something to offer. But again, there are many applications that are there for watching and downloading videos but they are not really good at all. These are the applications that make the users frustrated and really annoyed. But again, there are amazing applications too that renew the faith of people and users in the applications.

Talking about Vidmate, it would make you feel blessed. The application has almost every feature that you expect from a video application. And once you use this application you would certainly find all other types of video applications on android of no use. Without stretching any more, have a look at the worthy features of Vidmate that make it stand out!

Watch videos from multiple platforms

Yes, you can watch videos that are uploaded and shared on manifold platforms with the help of Vidmate. You would have an access to all the videos on platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, Dailymotion, Tumblr and various others through Vidmate. You can watch the videos you search for right in this app and also can download the videos that you want to keep for offline watch.

Download the videos in formats of your choice

Yes, you can easily download the video that is of your choice and preference. No matter what format your device supports, you can ensure that you get the videos as per your desired format. For example, the application has formats like mp4, 3gp, FLV and many more to ensure that you don’t have to covert the videos after downloading.  In this way you would get a video that supports your mobile and device and does not make any issue for you.


The user interface of this application is so smooth that nobody would find any hassle in using it. Whether you are a novice or a savvy user, you would love this Vidmate application for sure because of its convenience. The interface has been given much attention to ensure that nobody gets troubled.

Speed is commendable

The application caters a download speed up to two hundred percent faster from any other source. It makes use of advanced technology that allows the users to get the maximum capacity of your Internet speed. You can easily make use of it to visit any type of website and download the videos at a great speed. No matter you want the videos in HD quality, low quality, 360p or that of 1080p; you can count on the speed of this app.

You can pause

If you are downloading an amazing movie from Vidmate application but then you remember to make a call urgently but you don’t want to cancel your downloading then don’t worry because you can pause the downloading and once your call is over, you can resume the downloading of the video.  In this way you would not have to compromise on anything at all.


Thus, since you know about a few of the many amazing features of Vidmate, you can underline it as absolutely worth it for your device.

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