Funny Viral Videos of All Time

There millions of videos on internet, but some videos need to break records to become viral. Some of them have been mentioned as:

  • Chewbacca Lady:

When a lady bought Star Wars mask, she never knew she would become so famous. She shared a live video on Facebook wearing that mask and sitting in a car. The 4 minute video turned so funny that everyone would like to watch it. The video has been watched millions of times on all social media platforms.

  • Chocolate Rain:

This is a simple video in which a person stands by a bike and sings a song where rain is made of chocolate. Text of the video makes the whole thing hilarious but these emotions can’t be described in words.

  • Lazy Sunday:

This is a rap video about two guys who are going to have a lazy boring Sunday the next day. They made this live on Saturday night in 2005. The social media platforms exploded with views for these kinds of videos.

  • Rick AstleyNever Gonna Give You:

This is a prank made by a prankster in which he says to click on a link, and when the person clicks on a link, the pop up opens to a song called Never Gonna Give You. This is one of the most viral videos of all time.

  • David After Dentist:

Videos of kids who are drunk are funny but ethically wrong. In this video,David, a boy, who is drunk,plays with dentist when his tooth is pulled.

  • Evolution of Dance:

A stand-up comedian holds this record for being most viewed video on internet. The guy takes live audience through evolution of dance through time. Such emotions can’t be explained via text.

  • Star Wars kid:

A viral video of an over weighted child who filmed himself performing moves of star wars episode 1. The video is too good but makes one feel bad after it’s over.

  • Leave Britney Alone:

This is a viral video of the time when Britney had gone through a divorce. Britney’s fan took internet as a medium to be used to spread the message to leave Britney alone.

  • Antonie Dodson

A local television crew interviewed Antonie Dodson for home evasion. His insane interview made him popular worldwide, and he went to iconic merchandise and even pop songs.

  • NumaNuma

This is the best of all lip dubs. The overweight celebrity taped himself singing a song.  The combination of lyrics and insane dance moves makes the video hilarious and viral to that extent that everyone has watched this one.  Many people have tried to imitate this, but original is original.

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