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It’s a god’s gift to make other people laugh. It is not possible for everyone to do that. In fact, this is an inborn skill and very few people possess it. Some do it through actions and body language and some through dialogues and conversations. At the end of the day, comedians all over the world are admired for their talent to make others laugh. Bollywood also had its own comedians for the various decades. Some famous names are –

Keshto Mukherjee was the first of the famous comedians in the 1950’s era when Bollywood and Hindi movies started having mass audiences. He has epitomized the role of the drunken character in the most hilarious manner possible. There are many other funny roles also that he plays to perfection. Typically, these used to be trickster and other leg pulling roles. Nobody can forget his great performance as Guru Dutt’s friend in the movie Pyasa and the equally popular song. Maalish . tel maalish… He has acted with all leading heroes

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Mehmood Ali or well known as Mehmood is another great comedian who could make the entire audiences laugh throughout the movie. Mehmood started to come on the screen from the 1960’s onwards and was a well-established comedian for several years. He was popular for his dialogue delivery through the Hyderabadi Urdu dialect in a comical and funny way. He was mostly in the role of the hero’s friend and providing entertainment as well as ready to help the hero out at every nook and corner. Some famous movies of his in comic roles are Padosan, love in Tokyo, Do Phool, Tumse Acha Kaun Hai..

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Rajendra Nath is another comedian who started from the 1960’s and carried on in comic roles well into the early 1980’s. He has acted in Hindi, Nepali and Punjabi movies in his career. He was popular for his comic antiques like speaking in broken English, walking in a stiff, upright and joker manner and funny wise cracks and one liner jokes. Rajendra Nath has appeared with almost all major heroes of the Hindi cinema including Raj Kapoor, Sashi Kapoor, Rajendra Kuamar, Jitendra.. etc.

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Very little needs to be told about Asrani, the comedian that kept the entire nation in splits through his funny dialogues and actions. The 70’s and the 80’s was the peak of his career. And he virtually came with all the big heroes of the era. But the role which perhaps made Asrani legendary forever is the fifteen minutes or so enactment as the comical jailor of Sholay. It has the immortal dailouge of  “ Hum Angrez ke Zaman ke Jaipor hai”. This line is still a rage in India.

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