5 Funniest Govinda Films You Have To Watch

Ah, Govinda has actually ruled the 90s with a flurry of comedies, showing off a natural comic timing that shoots him right up there with the finest of them. The comic timing he has can be seen in his one of the not so old comedy movie partner.

You know maybe some of the movies might not have done great but his acting has always been spot on. If you have watched any of his movies, you can relate to it instantly. Anyhow, for now have a look at the movies below:

Raja Babu

It has been best remembered for the Michael Jackson impersonation of Govinda, Raja Babu saw him and Shakti Kapoor involve in some truly memorable shenanigans.  The hero farcically hit on KarismaKapoor. Certainly it is needless to say that David Dhawan was behind the wheel, and this 1994 movie saw him in top slapstick form.

Coolie No 1

A remake of a Telugu movie, Coolie No 1 again saw Govinda balancing with Karisma, while Kader Khan and Shakti Kapoor actually pushed the limits of open-mindedness with their now-familiar routine. The acting has been weak all around, but this movie is worth a watch only for Govinda and his truly enchanting comic timing that saves the day. Of course, his acting and the way he has showed his comic and humorous side is phenomenal.

Bade MiyanChhoteMiyan

Okay so this one is not really the greatest of films, but surely worth a mention since Govinda took the chance to completely surpass Amitabh Bachchan. Yes, you heard it right and if you do not agree to this then you need to watch this movie right away. You know this duo starred together for the foremost time and Govinda, in top form, was astonishingly candid as he ran rings around the superstar, Big B.


Do not lie; you have watched this movie, haven’t you? This is the movie that saw Govinda and Sanjay Dutt as brothers. In the movie they try to persuade KarismaKapoor and PoojaBatra respectively. But the real emphasize lay in Govinda playing his own uncle and at the same time keeping an ardent ArunaIrani at bay.  This star is truly unforgettable in this movie. You watch it and the scenes splash on the screen of your mind repeatedly.

Dulhe Raja

What most of you might not know about this movie is that it was NOT directed by David Dhawan.  Yes HarmeshMalhotra made this 1998 comedy, and it was insanely memorable. It is because of the way Govinda got onto the nerves of Kader Khan. And who can actually forget the Govinda-RaveenaTandon dance, Ankhiyon Se GoliMaarein? Indeed, the acting, the dance performance and the plot; everything of this movie was phenomenal and stunning.


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