4 Popular Videos on Controversies in Cricket

Nowadays, a lot of controversies are involved in the game of cricket. The “c” stands for controversies, and it is rightly quoted. The gentlemen’s game is not so gentle now. Some of the infamous scandals that were ignored by social media have been discussed as:

  • Sandpaper Gate:

South Africa was about to win the test series against Australia that too on home pitch. Then 2 people took such a serious decision which jolted their chances of winning. Bancroft was caught using sandpaper to change the condition of the ball and this whole thing was captured on the camera.  When no other way was found, they had to accept the mistake and they took the blame. Due to this,Australian cricket had their reputation at stake. Lehmann was coach and some players were held for 1 year ban after this case.  The biggest victims were the fans who saw all dreams shattered just because of a mistake. The performances since then have been degraded.

  • The Power Mithali Mishap:

Fans got a sight of disturbance whenMithali was dropped from T-20 world cup against England which India lost. Mithali accused the coach as biased and partial. The rumours also spread that BCCI had put feet in 2 different boats due to which they cannot travel well. Other players also requested the authorities to not to sack power even after mishap. Then the coach was changed not preferring to give extension. This lead to fan’s loss as well as degradation in performances.

  • Kohli Says A Fan To Leave India:

Kohli while answering some question on social media and had a slip of tongue which he regrets later on. He is an overrated batsman and has nothing new -these were words of a fan on his social media account. Of which Kohli replied that he should not live in India. He says that he doesn’t mind if someone likes him or not, and then, he suggests to go to a place he likes the things of. It was out of frustration that Kohli did so and nothing else. But small things also get highlighted these days and create big issues. A lot of damage was done to his reputation, after this even he justified himself, but it was of no use.

  • War Between Decok and Warner:

All the fans know about Warner that he cannot tolerate anything which makes his family feel uncomfortable. Initially, there were some verbal comments between them, but as they proceeded towards dressing room, they had some comments about Warner’s wife that made Aussie fumed. They had started the issue with a verbal abuse during the game to which Warner replied.  Warner was imposed 13500 dollars fine, which also led to loss of his reputation.

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